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【OMORI】OMORI Original Soundtrac CD(3-disc set)【OMOCAT】

¥8,800 税込


日本のマンガ・アニメカルチャーを取り入れた作品を独自のスタイルで発表し続けるアメリカ在住のアーティスト「OMOCAT」 OMOCATのビデオゲーム「OMORI」をモチーフにしたオリジナルデザイン。 original design by the artist OMOCAT based on their video game OMORI. OMORIのオリジナルサウンドトラックCDです。pedro silva、Jami Lynne、bo enが作曲した179曲を収録した3枚組。 (OMORI's Original Soundtrack CD. A 3-disc set containing 179 tracks composed by pedro silva, Jami Lynne, and bo en.) DISC 1// 01 Title・02 WHITE SPACE・03 Lost At A Sleepover・04 Spaces In-between・05 By Your Side.・06 Let's Get Together Now!・07 100Sunny・08 Trouble Brewing・09 Push&Shove・10 So,How'd We Do?・11 It's Okay To Try Again...・12 Trees...・13 A Home For Flowers(Tulip)・14 acrophobia・15 Tussle Among Trees・16 A Place By A Lake・17 Forest Chillin'・18 Poems In The Fog・19 Spase Road 1979・20 See In Your Fantasy・21 Sugar Star Planetarium・22 Lost,Then Found!・23 THE VENGEANCE OF THOSE FORGOTTEN IN DARKNESS・24 Recycling Is A Concept!・25 Lovesick-80,000 Lightyears・26 I Will Catch Up!・27 Three Bar Logos・28 YO DJ PUMP THIS PARTY・29 Good For Health,Bad For Imagination・30 Snow Forest-A single Flower Blooms・31 White Surf Style6・32 Stardust Diving 33 Oh My God.・34 A Rose By Any Other Name...・35 Stardust Dusting・36 CHAOS ASSEMBLY・37 The Elegance of the Mysterious and Distant・38 Space Boyfriend's Tape-I Want Nothing More・39 Trouble-NEVER/ALWAYS・40 You Were Wrong.Go Back.・41 Such A Time We Had Together・42 Photograph・43 Finding Shapes in the Clouds・44 Where We Used To Play・45 Bargain Bin Boys・46 Woof・47 Realistic Space Simulation・48 Jash Bash・49 Jash Bash 2:New Age of Heroes・50 Jash Bash 3:Jashpocalypse Infinity・51 Clash of Jash・52 Take A Load Off・53 I Prefer My Pizza 90% Grease・54 Fresh...ish...・55 High Fructose Headache・56 I Think My Dad Shops Here...・57 Just Leave Me Alone・58 Cram It Wad・59 Respite・60 It Means Everything.・61 See You Tomorrow・62 A Home For Flowers(Empty)・63 Help Me・64 Arachnophobia・65 Something,Alone・66 Fade・67 The Heart of the Desert・68 Puddles・69 PRANKED. DISC 2// 70 An Archaeic Resonance・71 'X'Marks The Spot!・72 Those Who Forget History・73 Tumbleweeds・74 Pyrefly Forest-Cat's Cradle・75 Forest Frenzy・76 Sweet Paralysis・77 Sweetheart's Quest For Heart・78 How...sad!・79 How...tragic!・80 Eternal Dungeon・81 Splintered Sweets In The Castle・82 Wandering Rose・83 Stationary Rose・84 Valour Against All Odds・85 I Definitely Promised You A Rose Garden・86 Bookcase・87 I Just Love The 50s!!!・88 Lost Library・89 Bookcase・90 Thrifted Tchotchkes・91 Swirly 1000x ・92 Dear Little Brother...・93 Thalassophobia・94 Water・95 Hanging With The Boys・96 WHITE SPACE・97 Origin・98 Long Way Down...・99 The Last Resort・100 Not-So-Empty-House・101 It's A Ghost Dance・102 Room For 4・103 Gator Gambol・104 Clams Clams Clams・105 Jawbreaker・106 GOLDENVENGEANCE・107 Underwater Highway・ 108 Squall・109 Aquiter・110 Numbers・111 Sinking・112 H20:HCL・113 Chemistry On And On・114 But I Wanna See It All With You!・115 Grimey・116 Underwater Prom Queens・117 Whale Whale Whale・118 Swallow Hollow・119 Gross...・120 That One Song But It's Some Mermaids DISC 3/// 121 Undertow・122 WHITE SPACE・123 Fermentation Disorienrtation・124 Flouring With You・125 BREADY STEADY GO・126 Recyling Really Is A Concept・127 Remember to Be Patient・128 Cold!・129 You Cannot Go Back・130 Tee-hee Time・131 Welcome Again.・132 Fleur・133 Distance・134 Drone・135 Calm・136 Glade・137 56-12-2・138 Bloom・139 August/Water・140 5ths・141 Waiting For...・142 Nawa・143 White Pillars・144 Come and See・145 Friends.・146 Friendsssssss.・147 Orchard・148 Temple・149 Look・150 Bad Morning・151 Listening・152 A Red Shape・153 Do You Remember?・154 Playing Forever・155 Treehouse-Here We Are,Together Again・156 Save・157 Something・158 A Home For Flowers(Daisy)・159 Remina・160 Normal.・161 Your Catastrophes・162 Your Catastrophes-Procession・163 Crossroads・164 The Violin・165 A Home For Flowers(Sunflower)・166 You Must Carry On.・167 Remembrance.・168 OMORI・169 OMORI-ALTER・170 Try Again Little Brother・171 Persevere・172 DUET・173 Gone・174 Wake Up・175 Clean Slate・176 The Truth・177 Good Morning・178 My Time・179 Fin ※ご注文頂いた実物とパソコンモニター画面では、見た目に多少の違いがあります。あらかじめご了承の上、お買い求め下さい。 ※ご注文が殺到した場合ズレが生じ、欠品となる場合があります。ご迷惑をお掛け致しますが、何卒ご了承下さいますようお願い致します。